Military Research Laboratory in Kaunas, Lithuania: Conservation Management Plan

1st of October 2019 / 30th of August 2021.

Project funded by the Getty Foundation program “Keeping it modern”. With grant support, the Institute of Architecture and Construction at Kaunas University of Technology with team of researchers and partners (Kaunas city municipality, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL) will perform the historical and physical research of former Military Research Laboratory (now Faculty of Chemical Technology of Kaunas University of Technology). Based on open discussion with heritage community, physical assessment of the condition of the building and theoretical research on cultural values, the project will propose a practical conservation management plan, which will serve as a model for other cultural heritage sites in Lithuania and the region. It is expected that project will serve as a case study for the preservation of other modernist structures in a region with a large amount of 20th-century architecture.

2021 08 09

Lithuanian language only

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